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ZÉLL-V Phytocell Serum is a revolutionary youth activating concentrate based on encapsulated extract of cultured Alps phytocells.

These phytocells were first discovered by Swiss scientists a few years ago from the fruit of a rare apple specie which is able to stay fresh and supple after months of harvesting. Later, it was discovered that these unique cells were rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites that are able to activate and revitalise self-renewal and differentiation potentials of stem cells in human skin, thus helping to delay the ageing process, reduce wrinkles and counteract the damage caused by aggressive UV rays. Due to its amazing effect, this Alps phytocell Extract soon earned itself the Innovation Prize 2010 for Best Active Ingredient in Europe. It is also highly prized by dermatologists as the world’s No.1 age-defying breakthrough ingredient.

9 Cell Revitalising Effects:

--- Activates dormant skin stem cells
--- Promotes skin renewal, repair and regeneration
--- Stimulates the skin’s collagen synthesis and microcirculation
--- Restores the skin’s moisture/oil balance and pH balance
--- Provides antioxidant protection against UV and free-radical damages
--- Provides antioxidant protection against UV and free-radical damages
--- Lightens and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, freckles and scar marks
--- Softens, smoothens and refines skin texture
--- Firms, lifts & plumps up skin appearance
--- Refreshes, brightens and revitalises overall complexion

Meanwhile, ZÉLL-V Wonder Cream is an innovative multifunctional age-defying cream that protects skin reservoir of youth and radiance under an imperceptible veil through the use of a blend of botanical and scientifically advanced ingredients. It is made from the Skin Pigment ID TechnologyTM which is rich in pulverised and sterilised minerals, and can transform the white cream into the same shade as the individual’s unique skin tone upon application, turning ZÉLL-V Wonder Cream into a perfect makeup primer, foundation or concealer.

ZÉLL-V Wonder Cream 6 Wonder Effects:

--- Advanced DNA Youth Protection - Detoxifies skin cells from noxious free radicals and protects the DNA against UV stress and pollution.
--- Tough Anti-Pollution Mesh - Bioactive shield to ward off environmental aggressors, bacterial adhesion and UV radiation.
--- Mineral-Rich Pigment Satin Foundation and Concealer - Gives the skin a sheer coverage and luminous finish, yet allows it to breathe naturally.
--- Moisture Booster with Mattifying and Oil-Control Veil - Helps to regulate sebum production, reduce shine and mattify skin for a long-lasting fresh feel.
--- Luminous Radiance - Infuses the skin with youthful radiance, as though lighting it from within.
--- Complete UV Protection - Protects the skin against harmful solar UVA, UVB and UVC rays as well as preserves the skin’s collagen structure.

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