ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy is made from exclusive Swiss and German formulation. It consists of cellular materials of different glands and organs aimed at rejuvenating the various systems of the body, enabling you to achieve optimum health, vitality and radiance, and increasing your competitiveness in life.

ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy consists of the various therapies as below:

--- ZÉLL-V Lyophilised Fresh Cells Therapy (L.F.C.) - 8 vials consisting cellular materials of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, ovary or testis, thymus, spleen, liver, kidney and heart respectively to rejuvenate the three main systems which governs or controls ageing – the endocrine, immune and detoxification systems.

--- ZÉLL-V Special Purpose Applications (S.P.A.) – Combinations of various cells prepared in vials to target and revitalise specific systems of the body according to specific needs of individuals, eg. Total Skin System, Libido System, Digestive System.

--- ZÉLL-V Optimised Special Purpose Applications (O.S.P.A.) – A combination of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and organ cell factors of the endocrine system, immune system and detox system to optimise overall rejuvenation and regeneration of the human body.

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