Since 2007 Ruyi Holdings has successfully sourced for premium products from various renowned international medical and wellness manufacturers.

Products involving
anti-ageing and rejuvenation are exclusively formulated and prepared by highly profiled foreign medical professionals and clinically tested for their efficacy.

As such, a Medical Advisory Board was formed consisting of foreign and local medical professionals to provide professional advice concerning health maintenance with these highly profiled health supplements. With good practice and ethics in providing consumers with quality health care, Ruyi has further gained more professional support from various medical and wellness institutes and bodies of Switzerland and Germany.

From Germany, President of the German Society of Thymus Therapy and the founder of The German Medical Society of Chelation Therapy Dr Helmut Brammer and from Malaysia, former Director and head of Virology, and Director of the National Institute for Natural Products and Vaccines and Biologicals, Ministry of Health Malaysia,
Dato Dr Nor Shahidah, just to name a few in our Medical Advisory Board.

Sanctioning and facilitating medical journals and literatures, clinical studies and scientific publications for Ruyi’s anti ageing products are International Association of Organ cell therapy Specilaists, Switzerland & Germany and The German Society for Thymus Therapy, Germany just to name a few.

Ruyi has an aim to seek more medical professionals for the Medical Advisory Board for its medical and wellness program covering Malaysia and Singapore.

We pride ourselves in maintaining products of high quality and standard and we are confident that we are able to provide medical and wellness support to consumers as best as we can. We are always striving to serve you better!


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