The 7th V-Star was held with success, with the Top 10 contestants receiving over RM20,000 worth of prizes each, while 42-year-old Nguyen Thi Thanh from Vietnam took home RM30,000 cash prize. Anyone can be a V-Star Winner regardless of age and background. So what are you waiting for? Call +603 2273 6699 to register for the next V-Star contest and win amazing prizes, cash, and most importantly – good health, vitality, beauty and quality life! 第7届V-Star圆满落幕! 10强每一位获得了超过2万令吉的奖品, 而冠军为来自越南的42岁参赛者Nguyen Thi Thanh脱颖而出而夺冠, 赢取了3万令吉的现金奖!无论你的年龄多少, 无论你来自什么背景, 你都有可能成为V-Star大赢家, 不但赢得丰富的奖金奖品, 最重要的是赢取健康活力美丽和优质生活! 赶快拨打 +603-2273 6699 报名参加下一届, 即第8届ZÉLL-V V-Star吧! #zellv #VStar #CellularTherapy #Health #Beauty #Vitality