Who Are We

 26 Years of Good Health & Quality Life

Ruyi Holdings Sdn Bhd is a leader in therapeutic cellular therapies for anti-ageing, beauty and optimum health. We enhance lives with science-based health solutions to help our customers care for themselves and their families.A medical advisory board consisting of international and local medical doctors as well as scientists and cell biologists forms a strong core of support for ZÉLL-V. With excellent quality, services and countless credentials, we have gained much recognition and support from international medical and wellness institutes, associations in regenerative medicine and anti-ageing societies and clinics worldwide.

Throughout the years, ZÉLL-V has expanded to other parts of the world, with a prominent presence in various countries, namely Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Greater China as well as Lebanon, bringing health, vitality and beauty to countless people in the world.

ZÉLL-V International Headquarters located in Singapore serves as the point of import and export for all our products in order to ensure the highest safety and quality control standards. ZÉLL-V Wellness Hub – the Rejuvenation Centre of Asia – is established in 2016 in Kuala Lumpur (nearby Mid Valley Megamall) to provide holistic health care through screening, education and treatments.

5 Pillars of Success

We have identified the five methods below to achieve our mission and vision:


Our friendly and professionally trained telemarketers are always ready to provide assistance for call-ins and give the callers a deeper understanding of ZÉLL-V. After sales services are provided to further educate our customers and maintain good relationship, which in turn helps to foster customer loyalty.

Premium Branding

From the very beginning, we have been advertising ZÉLL-V products in various newspapers, magazines, billboards and TV stations in Malaysia and Singapore. We have also sponsored various events and established ZÉLL-V flagship stores in premium business locations. With this, we are able to elevate and make ZÉLL-V a premium brand much sought after by all levels of society for the betterment of health, vitality, beauty and quality life.

Medical Support

Over the years, we have been working very closely with both local and international medical professionals. With this, we have not only enhanced the image of ZÉLL-V, but also increased the trust of our customers. With the professional support provided by international medical specialists and researchers, we are able to continuously elevate the ZÉLL-V brand and obtain cutting-edge information on biotechnology advancement, thus providing our customers the latest, most innovative, safest and finest product possible.


Through proper education, we aim to disseminate the knowledge about ZÉLL-V Cellular Therapy to our employees as well as the public. By providing our employees with proper training, we help them to understand their position and prospects in the company, and find meaning in their jobs.

By providing our customers with proper knowledge, we help them to understand the benefits of cellular therapy. We achieve all these by organising yearly seminars, face-to-face consultations with medical professionals, and various other methods.


Our employees act as the link between the company and the market (public). As such, by providing leadership to our employees, we are able to build a close connection with the public and our customers.