ZÉLL-V GREEN optimises CELLULAR DETOX and NOURISHES CELLS for a healthier you on the inside and fairer, more radiant and suppler skin on the outside!


Unhealthy lifestyle, environmental pollution and stress cause toxins to accumulate in the body, resulting in skin pigmentation, fatigue, low enthusiasm and ultimately, premature ageing. To counteract this, ZÉLL-V’s affiliated laboratories in Anti-ageing and Regenerative Medicine, based in Switzerland, have developed a pioneer formulation in the cultivation of marine algae for cellular detoxification and nourishment. Cultivated in pristine New Zealand, the blue-green marine algae are extracted for their naturally potent nutrients, namely their antioxidant, C-Phycocyanin. Various health studies with supported literatures have shown its potential properties in cellular detoxification, anti-inflammation and optimally as a potent antioxidant. This formulation is now internationally known as ZÉLL-V Green.

ZÉLL-V Green is rich in five factors. Through the process of cellular detoxification, ZÉLL-V Green effortlessly delivers amazing results, leaving skin smoother and more radiant, while restoring cells to their healthy state.

5 Factors – To Detox, Nourish and Restore Cells Backs To Its Healthy Condition

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
– Help maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels and blood lipids
– Balance hormones and maintain a healthy immune system

Amino Acids
– The main component of cell structure and skeletal muscles, essential in building protein molecules

– Eliminate free radicals and toxins, slow down and inhibit cellular oxidation
– C-Phycocyanin’s anti-inflammatory effect inhibits oxidative stress in the skin

– Regulate cellular functions and improve metabolism

– Strengthen bones and joints, optimizes nervous system

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